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Cat Boarding

Animal Lodge provides safe & comfortable lodging for your feline friend. Since we are an experienced pet boarding facility, we can work with most cat personalities from grumpy to shy and are always ready to give your pet a little extra attention as needed.

We provide food but feel free to bring your cat’s own food so they feel more at home during their stay. To see a complete list of all the things your pet will need for their stay, please click here. We understand about cat sensitivity to vaccines and while we do require Rabies by law, we are open to titers and written notes from vets excusing the FVRCP after kitten shots.


Every one of our feline friends feels right at home in our separate, quiet cat area (away from the canine area) so they can relax and purr to their hearts’ content! Call us today!

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Daily Rates

All cats are welcome to stay at our cat boarding facility for $10 per day. Check our Grooming page for options to have your pet coming home freshly bathed and/or groomed.

Rates & Add-Ons
What to Bring

We require a copy of current vaccination records and own habitat must be provided. Additionally, we encourage clean toys from home. We look forward to seeing you and your furry family member soon!

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Parakeet playing with a bell

Small Pet Boarding

We offer boarding and grooming services for your small pets, too! Our manager has cared for animals of all sizes for over forty years, so you know your pets are in good hands.

Our daily rate for small pets is just $8. All small pets must reside in their own habitat/cage to ensure maximum comfort and safety during their time at Animal Lodge. We also ask that you bring your pet’s food and any medication he or she needs.


Pet Boarding and Grooming Professionals You Can Trust