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Cat Boarding Facilities

Boarding cats is quite a bit different from boarding dogs and we understand that at Animal Lodge. We have a separate area away from the dogs where they can stay and relax.

Cat laying down


Our feline facility is staffed by cat lovers who love nothing more than spending time with kittens and cats of all sizes, temperaments, and personalities. We don’t charge extra for “music” and “story time” like pet resorts do, but you just might catch us singing and talking to your pets and we love playing with them almost as much as you do. Our staff will be happy to play with your cat, scratch them under the chin a bit, or observe them from afar, as needed. They will also make sure there is plenty of clean litter and fresh water available and that your cat gets fed on the schedule you have established. Our goal is to make Animal Lodge a home away from home for your furry family member.

Cat Grooming Add-on

Animal Lodge is happy to provide cat grooming services while your pet is in our care and can even customize a grooming package. Stop by our Grooming page for pricing and details.

Please call our office in Perkasie, PA, to schedule a stay for your cat the next time you are going out of town. We’ll be glad to care for them until you return!

Pet Boarding and Grooming Professionals You Can Trust