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Plan Your Dog’s Stay

From chihuahuas to great danes, we welcome dogs of all sizes and ages to stay at our climate-controlled, spacious facilities. We’re proud to say that we exceed PA state and industry cleanliness standards to ensure your dog experiences safe care for the entirety of his or her stay with us. In order to maintain a healthy environment for our visitors, we set some guidelines for what to bring for your pet’s stay with us.

Yorkshire terrier with a ball

What to Bring


  • Hard copy of current vaccination record including:
  • *Titers accepted in lieu of DHPP
  •  Rabies

Optional but welcome

  • Up to 2 favorite toys or personal items
    • Must be clean, washable and labeled!
  • If on a special diet or sensitive to food changes, own food is welcome.
    • We feed Purina ProPlan Savor Chicken and Rice
    • Refrigerated or microwavable food prep is available if needed

We look forward to seeing you and your furry family member soon! Call us today!

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