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Professional Pet Grooming Services

Whether your dog or cat is boarding with us or simply visiting for a fresh haircut, our on-site groomer will be happy to touch up or fully-groom your furry family members, ensuring they go home clipped, trimmed, fluffed and smelling fresh! Book your grooming appointment today!

Bathing Rates

(*based on the size of your pet & condition of coat)

Includes shampooing, dry and a quick brush.

  • Small: $25-$35
  • Medium: $35-$45
  • Large: $50-$65
Cat grooming

Grooming Rates

Full grooming services include bath, haircut/shedding out, dry, nails and ear cleaning. Cost varies by breed. Prices start at $45.

A la carte grooming services

  • Nail trimming: $10-$15
  • Ears (only): $5
  • Dental basic brushing (with enzymatic toothpaste): $10
  • Massage/acupuncture (available upon request)
  • Handstripping available (upon request)

Call us for your next grooming appointment or schedule a grooming appointment while you board with us!

Pet Boarding and Grooming Professionals You Can Trust